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What’s Cookin’? Kitchen Trends

April 11, 2016

They always say, “Home is where the kitchen is.”, or well, that’s what we say! We feel like the place our families gather the most is in the kitchen – mainly to be closer to the food! So we got to thinking about what our kitchen looks like and how efficient it is in this day-and-age. Then we realized, a lot of people might be feeling just how we’re feeling towards our kitchen. Is it modern? Is it up-to-date? Does it look like I’m holding onto the past? Don’t worry, we totally understand. This post is going to focus solely on the kitchen trends of 2016, so you can be as hip as the rest of them!

Two-Toned Cabinets

Also known as “tuxedo cabinets”, having cabinets that are painted or treated with two different colors is coming back in a big way. The key is to have the tops or the bottoms of the cabinets in a neutral color. So if you are planning on painting the tops in a deep green, then try to stick to whites, greys, etc. on the bottom. This will add balance and not be overwhelming to the eye.

This is becoming a big trend for smaller kitchens to help them appear larger. Many people are opting to making their cabinets have glass windows where you can see their dishes and glassware inside. This helps breakup the upper cabinets from the lower and give the illusion of a bigger kitchen space.

 Shaker Style

This style is coming back from the way, way, way past – like the start of America past! Kitchens today are embracing their roots and having mismatched chairs, flatware, and strong rustic vibes. This look, also known as the Farmhouse look, includes open shelving, wooden textures, and antique (or antique looking) finds. This can be a fun style to play with, but make sure you stick to a color palette of two – maybe three – colors and tones. You don’t want your kitchen to look too thrifty.

Smart Spaces

Kitchens are becoming more and more hi-tech. With designated spaces for your smart devices or even smart appliances, it’s hard not to welcome the ease that comes with this new trend. A lot of kitchens are even starting to have small appliances built-in the kitchen rather than out on the counter tops, such as, coffee makers, toasters, blenders, etc. You can find many of these behind a cabinet door where all you have to do is pull on the drawer, use it, and push it back into the cabinet. Added bonus is it leaves extra counter space for you to work on! 

Kitchen-Living Space Hybrids

Another trend that is hard to ignore is how many people are starting to have their kitchens and living rooms become one (almost). Many home designs are building on an “open floorplan” with Great Rooms. It is helping people feel connected to the rest of the home while in the kitchen whipping up a meal. An added bonus: it’s a great way to be able to watch your favorite shows while you’re cooking!

We hope these few kitchen trends help you feel more with the times and we would love to see your photos of your new-and-improved kitchen!

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