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Spring Cleaning Tips You Need

March 30, 2022

Springtime is all about growth and rejuvenation, making it the perfect time to bring that fresh, new feeling into your home with a deep cleaning. From baseboards to ceiling fans, here are the 4 best spring-cleaning tips you need to ensure a peaceful start to the new season.

Start from the top

The best way to clean a room from top to bottom is to literally clean it from top to bottom. By starting on the highest surfaces and working your way down, you eliminate the risk of knocking dust, dirt, or debris onto areas you’ve already cleaned. 

Check the ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are wonderful additions to Middle Tennessee homes. They allow homeowners to circulate air throughout the year, which can aid in both heating and cooling. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the easiest places for dust to accumulate quickly. Use an old pillowcase to clear dust and debris by putting the case around the fan blade, cleaning and containing in one swoop. This is also a great time to check that your fan is set to its cooling mode, ready just in time for summer. 

Window deep cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to deep clean your windows. Start by removing any window treatments like blinds or curtains. Heavy material and upholstery curtains will likely need to be steam cleaned, but most lightweight curtains can be easily thrown in the washing machine. Both vertical and horizontal blinds should be cleaned, but the best method will depend on the kinds of blinds you have and how dirty they are. Most blinds can be cleaned using a simple solution made from common products you already have on hand. For window maintenance, it is important to clean the interior glass, exterior glass, and window tracks to remove debris and kill mold. 

Don’t forget the baseboards

While scrubbing the floors makes it onto most spring cleaning lists, baseboards are often forgotten. Baseboards can collect scuffs and scrapes in high traffic areas and are a dust haven throughout most homes. Instead of crawling around the house to clean, save your knees with these baseboard hacks. For simple dust, use an extended duster or Swifter broom to clean up in a breeze. Magic erasers, such as those by Mr. Clean, are a great tool to remove scuffs, especially for light-colored boards. Otherwise, a dryer sheet works wonders on colored baseboards of any color. Have a tougher mess? A clean toilet bowl brush is a great tool to utilize while scrubbing baseboards or crown molding that needs a little extra TLC.

Spring cleaning is just another one of the jobs that comes with homeownership. Ready to make this a real season of change with a new home? Check out the incredible selection of new construction homes for sale in Middle Tennessee communities by Ole South

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