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Pros of Townhouses

February 7, 2022

When it comes to buying a home, buyers in Middle Tennessee have a lot of options. Single-family homes are the most popular option in our area, but they aren’t the only choice. Here’s why more home-seekers are choosing to buy townhomes.  

No outside maintenance  

Imagine living in a beautiful neighborhood where you never have to mow the grass again. A place where there’s no need for mulching or struggling with a hose, and the only plants you need to water are in pots on your porch. That’s the hassle-free advantage townhomes provide for many people. Whether you’re an active senior who is looking to enjoy your time sans manual labor or you’re a busy professional with little time for landscaping, one of the biggest pros to choosing a townhouse is the lack of outdoors and landscaping maintenance.  


Lower purchase price 

In many cases, a townhome will have a lower purchase price than a single-family, detached home. This lower price point can directly impact the size of the home or desired location you are able to afford. Townhomes can be an excellent option for those looking for a first home, to downsize, or to spend time split between multiple homes, thanks to their value. 

Better location for value 

When it comes to real estate, location is everything. One advantage of buying a townhouse is that it often allows buyers to own property in an area where they may not be able to afford a detached home. Additionally, in some areas, there simply aren’t single-family homes for sale; however, townhome ownership makes it possible to live comfortably in your preferred area of choice.  


More security & community 

One of the things homeowners like most about townhomes is the sense of security and community they provide. Having close neighbors and shared amenities is a great way to get to know new people. Plus, it makes it easier to spot “off” behavior, such as porch pirates or burglars.  


More privacy, less hassle 

Townhouses are a perfect middle-ground for people who want more privacy than an apartment or condo and less stress than owning a detached home. Unlike a condo or apartment, townhouses have no shared entry or hallways, and unlike a detached home, they have no exterior maintenance. It’s the best of both worlds! 


Ready to find a townhouse to call home? Check out the townhomes available for sale in Ole South communities throughout Middle Tennessee. 

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