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Out With Winter & In With Spring

March 16, 2017

Spring is in the air! The temperature is rising and you have already been opening the windows in the house, besides the few days winter decided to come back and visit. It is starting to come to life outside with the flowers and the trees blooming and the grass turning green, but what about the inside of your home? With winter gone, everything seems so dark and dreary. Put winter behind and lighten things up around your home with these tips!

— Plants and flowers always give a spring-like feel to your home. Don’t have a green thumb though? No problem! A tabletop terrarium may be the thing just for you. Once it is all together it is virtually maintenance free. Follow the steps below to build your own

  1. Start with a medium sized clear glass container with an open top.
  2. Fill the bottom with a 1-1/2 or 2 inch layer of small rocks or pebbles – This will help with water drainage.
  3. Then, add a layer of potting soil that is made for cacti and succulents.
  4. Plant your succulents and/or cacti giving them about an inch of space each.
  5. For a dramatic effect, add a thin layer of white or colored sand.
  6. Now all you have to do is place it where it will have some direct sunlight everyday and lightly water every now and then. — Brighten up your table setting with spring colors such as pastels or earth tones. Changing your place mats is a great (and pretty cheap) way to bring those spring colors to the table. You can also make a spring centerpiece with antique tins or glass bottles to hold fresh cut flowers, or you can get clear glass containers to hold fresh fruit floating in water. If you are not into Easter but still want a spring like feel, don’t be afraid to use figurines of baby chicks, bunnies etc, after all spring time is about fertility and renewal.

— Love to estate sale shop? Perhaps you have found a lovely telephone table but it doesn’t quite work in your living room. Give it a fresh paint job in a spring color and change out a piece of furniture you currently have in your room for the spring season.

— Freshen up your walls. Give that drab looking room a new face lift with a simple paint job. Many people may not want to go to such drastic measures but even the same color paint can freshen up a room and give a spring-like feel.

— Change out your throw pillows to some that feature spring time themes or colors.

— Another super easy thing to do, is to change out your wall art to something with a spring-theme. Estate sales and flea markets are great places to find beautiful pictures at great prices.

We hope these tips have helped you figure out a way to bring spring indoors. Share with us some of your favorite spring decor ideas!

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