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Our Tips for Moving with Kids and Pets

November 19, 2019

Moving is stressful—no doubt about that. Adding some little ones to the mix, either fur-babies or regular babies, is bound to add new challenges to the process. Dogs, cats, and kids alike thrive on stability and routine and might have trouble adjusting to the new place. Any attempt you can make to ensure continuity throughout your move will help, and check our best tips for doing so. 


If you’re moving locally, then you’d be well-served to get your family familiarized with your new location before the big day. Bring Fido for a few walks in your new neighborhood so that he can get acquainted with the sights and smells, and take your kids out to local fun spots (such as a mini-golf course or ice cream parlor) to get them excited about the change. 


Once the moving day comes, make sure to keep your pets and kids away from the action, as seeing you dismantle their furniture and pack their prized possessions away in boxes might add to their anxiety. Keep your pets shut in the laundry room while you’re doing this dirty work, and consider hiring a babysitter to occupy your children or sending them away to a friend’s house. 


Pack an overnight bag with all of the essentials so that your family doesn’t have to wait for you to unpack the boxes for their routine to get back on track. Make sure to include pajamas, toiletries, breakfast foods, chew toys, and medicine. 


Set up your kids’ bedrooms first to ensure that they feel settled and undisrupted, and make sure enough toys are on hand to keep everyone occupied. Once Ms. Whiskers sees that she still has her beloved scratching post, she won’t worry about the rest of the house’s state. 

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