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Organizing Your Home as You Put Away Decorations

January 9, 2023

It’s that time of year when you’re likely putting away your holiday decorations. It’s no secret that taking down and putting up your decorations isn’t nearly as fun as putting them up, but the clean-up process can be a nice way to organize for next year. If you’re someone that tends to forget how you’ve stored your decorations when it comes time to get them back out next year, these following tips might be helpful.  

Group Items 

Grouping your items together when you store them is a good way to ensure you know where everything is. Grouping seasonal items will likely look different to everyone. Maybe you’d like to group your items together based on what room you place them in. Or maybe you want to group your snowmen together and then your green décor together, etc. Once you find a grouping method you find will work best for you, stick to it for all your decorations.


Label Storage Bins 

Labeling is probably the most important part. The easiest way to do this is l to put tape on your storage containers and then write on that tape. If you’ve decided to group items by room, simply write which room each box is for. The labeling process will make your life much easier next year when it’s time to pull out your decoration boxes. 

Donate Unwanted Items 

As you’re taking down decorations and organizing them into your bins, you’ll likely find items you no longer love or desire to keep. Donating items prevents you from keeping and storing items that you no longer need and offering someone else a chance to enjoy them. 

As the holiday season wraps up, the process of putting away decorations might be overwhelming, but implementing this system will likely save you time, stress, and space both this year and the next whenever it’s time for you to pull your decorations back out. 

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