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Organizing Your Home

February 22, 2017

Being organized is something that every new homeowner fears they will struggle with to some degree. Here are some tips to help organize your everyday living spaces.

— We all know that linen closets aren’t the easiest thing to keep organized. You perfectly fold and place items where you desire, but with the slightest movement it becomes a mess again. Using bins, baskets, and small pull out drawers that can be stacked and labeled will give everything a home and keep it in place. No more worrying about the whole stack falling out in to the floor.

 — When labeling storage bins, group them by category. Categorize bedding by sizes, twin, king, queen, etc. When putting away matching sets, you can fold the sheets and extra pillow cases up and place them inside one of the matching cases. Try to refrain from saving every set you have, go through and see if there are stains, holes, or maybe it just doesn’t match your décor now. If so, get rid of them. Keep only what you need, and maybe one extra set.

— We all know that for the most part, the underneath of just about everyone’s kitchen sink a disaster. There are all sorts of cleaning products, half of which you probably don’t know what they are used for, and several different scrubbing brushes, some that probably should have been thrown away a long time ago. Go through and determine what products you really do use and need, dispose of the ones you don’t as well as scrub brushes and pads. Use small/medium sized baskets for those products without a sprayer, and the brushes and pads. Now for those that do have a sprayer, you can place a tension rod below your sink for those products to hang. This will clear up space and allow you to see everything that you have below your sink.

— Paper and mail are two things that we’re all constantly misplacing. If they are left laying around on the counter, they get lost in a pile of other things or even thrown away. What you can do it take an old window shutter, paint it whatever color you’d like, and place somewhere on the wall that’s easy to reach, but not easy enough for a toddler to have a field day with. Place your mail, invitations, to do list, etc. into the slots and viola! You now have your very own mail station!

Knife kit

— Knives are that one thing that we all worry about.  You can’t just leave them laying around in a drawer, and there isn’t always space for a nice knife holders. Magnets are the perfect solution to this problem. Secure them above your counter, out of reach of children, and make sure they are sturdy enough so that nothing falls.

We hope that these few household organizing tips will help you feel a little more organized at home. What are some organizing tips you use around your home?

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