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How to Treat Hard Water

March 17, 2023

Hard water forms when there is an abundance of minerals calcium and magnesium in your water. Although hard water isn’t necessarily dangerous, it’s not ideal to have running through your faucets. Once you realize that you have hard water, there are different ways that you can treat it in your home that will transform it into soft water. 

Showerhead Filter

If your skin is very sensitive, always feels overly dry, and your hair never feels completely clean after showering, it might be time to invest in a showerhead filter. This mechanism will work to filter out the hard water minerals as well as any other toxins that might be in the water. When you’re selecting your showerhead filter, ensure that the one you select is designed to filter out the minerals of calcium and magnesium, as these are the main contributors to hard water. 

Vinegar Solution 

Furthermore, a vinegar solution is a useful and effective home remedy for a buildup of hard water. This acidic solution works to dissolve the calcium build-ups that create hard water. If you notice that your faucets contain this build-up, create a warm vinegar solution, soak a rag in it, and then place it over your faucet and leave it for at least thirty minutes to allow it to dissolve the calcium buildup. 

Water Softener Filter

Although the above ideas are solutions to reduce hard water, the only way to completely get rid of hard water inside your home is to get a water softener filter. A water softener filter will work to eliminate hard water before it enters your pipes and exits your faucets. Although it will be an investment upfront, it will save you money in the long run as it prevents damage to your pipes. There are several kinds of filters you can get, but getting a recommendation from a professional and having them install it is ideal. 

When it’s time to treat hard water in your home, try these remedies to promote soft water. 

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