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How to Maintain Your Carpet

September 5, 2022

Carpets can easily and quickly get dirty, but when intentionally maintained it can be a nice, comfortable flooring choice. By implementing these routines to take care of your carpet, you can easily extend its lifespan. 

Vacuum consistently

Vacuuming your carpet regularly is going to expand the duration of it. By not allowing dirt and debris to sit on your carpet for an extended amount of time, the quality of the flooring is going to stretch for much longer. 

Immediately address spills

Although spills happen, immediately addressing them will prevent the stain from setting in deeply on your carpet. Keeping a carpet cleaner on hand to spray directly onto the mess is ideal, especially if children and pets frequent your home. 

Use a carpet protectant

Spraying your carpet with a protectant before spills happen will be the best way to ensure the stain doesn’t set in. Using a protectant will offer peace of mind when the inevitable spills do happen. 

Clip snaps

Sometimes carpet snags do happen when moving furniture or if pets are present in the home.
Always clip the snags with a legitimate clipping tool and never try to pull it. It’s best to address the snag as soon as you notice it to prevent it from getting any worse. 

Deep clean every 12-18 months

While vacuuming will clean the surface of your carpet, it won’t necessarily get all the built-up dirt. Deep cleaning your carpet every 12-18 months will extend the life of your carpet. Whether renting a carpet cleaning machine or hiring a professional to do it, every 12-18 months is a good schedule to adhere to when doing a deep clean. 

Replace every 5-15 years 

Inevitably, no matter how well you’ve maintained your carpet, it will likely need to get replaced every 5-15 years. While this is a wide range of a timeframe, it ultimately depends on the wear and tear of the carpet and your personal preference of the quality. 

While carpet can be difficult to maintain and keep clean, these tips and tricks should help to ensure the lasting quality of your flooring. 

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