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How to Know When to Downsize

July 10, 2023

Determining when it’s time to downsize your home is a personal choice that depends on various factors and your circumstances. This can be a big and overwhelming decision, especially if your home is somewhere you’ve resided for many years. Some of the following indicators might allude to it being time to downsize your home. 

Empty Nest

If the kids or dependents that have been living in your home move out, this leaves you with an empty nest and a lot of space to fill. Although it might be nice to utilize their previous room as a guest room or just a place for them to stay when they return home to visit, odds are that you no longer desire to maintain this space. If you’ve recently become an empty nester, this could be a sign that it's time to downsize. 

Maintenance Challenges

It’s no secret that a larger home means more space to maintain. If you find that it’s too difficult to maintain your large home and you are unable to find trustworthy assistance to help with the maintenance, you might consider downsizing to a space that is easier to maintain. 

Location Preferences

You might have lived in your home so long that the idea of having different surroundings seems unrealistic, but it’s never too late to change your scenery. If you find yourself wishing you were closer to the city or a quieter, rural area, you might consider relocating to a different location to suit the location preferences of your current lifestyle.

Lifestyle Changes

There are many lifestyle changes that could require a downsize. Some of those include retirement, financial shifts, less mobility, or the desire to transition to a minimalistic way of living are a few transitions that could ignite a desire to downsize. 


Sometimes downsizing is a valuable life transition. Take some time to evaluate your circumstances and priorities to make sure that this change is something that will benefit you.  

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