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How to Clean Your Home’s Exterior

July 24, 2023

Cleaning the exterior of your home can be a big task, but it’s necessary in order to maintain curb appeal, prevent damage, and prolong the quality. Here are some helpful steps to take when it’s time to clean your home’s exterior. 

Assess the Surfaces

Determine what material your home utilizes, such as siding, brick, stucco, wood, or something else. Different materials will require different cleaners, so ensure that you have the correct cleaner for your home. 

Safety Precautions

Before you begin, ensure some safety methods by wearing protective gear such as gloves if you’re using chemical cleaners, safety goggles, and appropriate footwear. If you're working on a ladder, ensure it is sturdy and that you have someone holding the bottom in place. 

Clear Debris

Removing loose debris such as leaves, dirt, or cobwebs using the appropriate tools. Utilize a leaf blower, rake, or broom to remove larger pieces of debris that is on the ground. 

Trim Greenery

If you have trees, shrubs, bushes, or flower beds, consider trimming and tidying them to boost your curb appeal. If the trees are close to your home, you might consider removing any branches that could scratch or fall onto your home in the case of a storm with high winds. 

Pressure Wash

Depending on the exterior of your home, pressure washing is effective to clean dirt and grime. Select the correct setting and nozzle, follow the manufacturer's instructions, and maintain a safe distance to avoid causing any damage.

Clean Windows  

Find a glass cleaner, streak-free rags, or paper towels, and clean the inside and outside windows for a glossy shine. You’ll want this to be one of the last steps, to achieve a streak-free shine. 


Taking care of your home's exterior will help preserve its beauty and protect it from potential damage. Remember to only perform tasks you feel comfortable and safe doing and reach out to a professional when needed. 

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