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How to Choose the Right Paint Color

May 19, 2023

Painting the interior of your home can be a fun, creative process, but it can also be difficult to decide on the right paint color. With so many options and shades, it might be overwhelming to pick the right one. The following tips can help you decide on the right paint colors for the interior of your home. 

Find a color scheme that matches your design style 

If you already have an established interior design style, this can help to eliminate a large variety of colors. Determine what colors will look best with what is already inside your home. Additionally, if you have furniture already in your home, finding a color that matches it as well will help you to eliminate contrasting colors. 

Determine the feeling you want in each space

Colors have the power to evoke feelings, whether we realize it or not. For example, neutral colors, such as white, beige, and gray, can elicit calm feelings. While brighter colors provide a more energizing and uplifting impact. Therefore, it might be a good idea to implement neutral colors in sleeping areas and brighter, bold colors in living areas. 

Create an accent wall 

Accent walls have been extremely popular in interior design for quite some time now. This bold design choice helps create a focal point in a room and draws guests' eyes in. You could take a color that is in the design of the accent wall and paint the color walls that color, to tie everything together. 


If you’re ready to liven up your space, a fresh coat of paint is a simple, yet effective place to begin. Match your paint to your existing style and furniture, determine what feelings you want to be evoked in a space, and consider adding an accent wall when determining which color of paint to select. 

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