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Home Maintenance Tips – Changing your filters can save thousands.

February 12, 2013

You’ve moved in to your very own new home, and the best part about it is that everything is new – nothing to fix, and all you have to do is nest. And in the event something does go wrong, you have your Ole South Hew Home Warranty to take care of the problem! Right?

Well, almost right. There are some easy items you need to form habits with that will save you thousands of dollars over the years to come…… CHANGING FILTERS!

Its easy to forget about changing your air return filter, but neglecting it could cost you a bunch in the future. Just like you, your house breathes every day, circulating and filtering the air from within.

HVAC Dirty Return

How often you change these really depends on the filter you purchase.   If you buy the less-expensive filters, plan on changing them once each month – when you make your monthly house payment is a good practice!  More expensive filters typically last longer between recommended changes so consult the manufacturer label before you decide.  Regardless, change them consistently and make certain to install them with the arrow pointing in with the flow of air!

HVAC Filter

Another filter that is often overlooked is the fresh water filter, found on most refrigerators with water/ice dispensers.  It is recommended to change these every six months.  Resetting the indicator light after changing is very easy – on most models by pushing the reset button five times.

Refrigerator Water Filter

Here is a helpful video that applies to Whirlpool Appliances, which are used in new Ole South homes.


Failure to regularly replace this filter can be very costly, as a clogged filter will leak without warning, and more than likely when you are away for a period of time!   Those with hardwood flooring need to pay extra attention to changing this filter regularly.

Following these recommendations will help you maximize the many benefits of purchasing a new Ole South home!

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