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Five Grilling Tips You Can’t Live Without this Summer

July 14, 2021

What better way is there to enjoy a summer night than firing up the grill on your back deck or patio? Whether you’re hosting a Wednesday night dinner with your family or a lively July soirée, your barbeque skills are sure to take center stage. Here’s how to maximize your grilling game this summer: 

Invest in a Meat Thermometer

It’s difficult to tell whether your meat is truly cooked the way you like it just by touching it. Look like a pro and ensure your meat is at the perfect temperature by doing a quick check with your thermometer. A good meat thermometer can cost as little as $10! 

Master “Carryover Cooking”

It might sound counterintuitive to undercook your food just slightly, but trust us on this. Food continues to cook after it leaves the grill (you can expect the temperature to rise by about five degrees), so let your meat carry over a bit for maximum flavor! 

Use Fruit Woods

Wood from fruit trees can add wonderful, unexpected flavor to your dinner. Try out fruit tree wood chips to your charcoal to switch things up! Apple, cherry, grape, and even peach wood are higher in sap and have fewer impurities than traditional wood. Additionally, avoid grocery store logs and invest in kiln-dried wood. 

Clean Religiously

While you might think having a few leftover scraps from your last grilling session (oil, grease, or shavings) lining your grill isn’t a big deal, it can have a dramatic adverse impact on your meal. Use a sturdy metal brush to clean your grates in between uses and fire up your grill for 45 minutes before you use it for the first time. 


The right marinade can make a world of difference to the taste and texture of your meat. The usual marinade will contain an acid (lemon juice, vinegar, or wine) or some kind of dairy; this composition works to break down tissue in your meat’s outer layer, tenderizing it and letting moisture in. But be sure to add oil, seasoning, and herbs to your marinade to achieve maximum flavor. 

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