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Every Back to School Tip You’ll Need This Year

August 9, 2021

Summer is winding down as quickly as it began, and your shopping trips will soon transition from pool floaties and bug spray to pencils and backpacks. Maybe your kids are excited for a new start and the opportunities to be reunited with their friends, or maybe they’re still in denial that their days of leisure will soon come to an end. Regardless, the beginning of the school year won’t come without stress—here’s how to make it as seamless as possible. 

Invoke Positive Thoughts

If your kids are either nervous about their first day or dismayed or grumpy that the summer is coming to an end, then you can help put some positive thoughts in their heads. The night before school starts, hold a family dinner and ask your kids to think of at least three things they’re excited about. Are they looking forward to reconnecting with friends? Continuing art classes? Decorating their lockers? This will help them start their first day off right.  

Get Organized

Your whole family will never be more motivated to develop an organizational system then you are now. Take the time in the weeks before school starts to color-code your folders and notebooks, put the right labels in your binder, and determine where your kids will store their necessary school items while at home. 

Set a Healthy Morning Routine

Having a rushed, harried morning is sure to put you all in a bad mood and make the first day of school that much more stressful. Set an early alarm that gives you plenty of time to get ready, set out your kids’ outfits the night before to avoid last-minute panic, and eat a healthy sit down breakfast. 

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