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Creating a Space for Everything

December 1, 2019

Now that the holidays are coming up, it’s the best time to think about de-cluttering. From cleaning up for guests (they’re probably not going to appreciate stepping around your various boxes and knick-knacks) to finding space for all of your new presents, organizing your home will help put you at ease for this sometime stressful season. Check out our tips below:

Hang Your Pots and Pans

Want to de-clutter your cabinets while also creating a chic new kitchen look? Use command hooks to hang your pots and pans on an unused wall. As an added bonus, you’ll never have to dig through your cupboards looking for the right sized pan again. 

Invest in a Shower Organizer

Every shower should have a hanging caddy and bath organizer to provide easy access for your toiletries without cramming your medicine cabinet. But consider creative alternate uses for this product, like hanging one behind your bedroom door for shoes and other various knick-knacks, or placing one in the backseat of your car, becoming the envy of all your neighborhood’s soccer moms. 

Reclaim Your Garage Space

Have you been wondering why you can barely fit both of your cars in your garage? What is all of this stuff, anyway? Once you’ve done the necessary jettison of possessions you don’t need, invest in an overhead garage storage rack to store the remaining boxes and magically free up this valuable space. 

Box it Up

Making an enthusiastic use of boxes and baskets will not only make your home look super cute, but it will also provide functional storage space. Boxes can be used to group similar items together (makeup, pens and other office supplies, etc) and when it inevitably fills, you’ll have the opportunity to toss anything you no longer need. Keep a cardboard box in your laundry room so you can quickly toss anything you’d like to donate during the time when you’re most likely to think about your clothes. 

Get Some Shelves

From your office to your bathroom, adding shelves will help get you organized by storing necessary items without taking up valuable floor space. Find out exactly what you need the shelf for, and then customize to fit your needs.  

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