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Breathe Easier Changing Your HVAC Filter

September 26, 2013

Everyone takes their HVAC system for granted, as long as it is working. But let it stop working properly and life as we know it tends to change!

You don’t have to be an HVAC novice to increase the life of your heating and cooling system.  One of the most often overlooked and neglected part of your HVAC is the simplest and inexpensive to maintain – the return air filter.

A dirty return air filter not only reduces the efficiency of your system, but can take years of useful life off of your equipment.  A well-maintained HVAC unit can last over 20 years in our environment!  Can you imagine having to breathe fresh air through this dirty filter?

Installing a new return air filter, at least every 90 days, will not only increase your system’s efficiency, but extend it’s service life.  New return air filters are inexpensive and readily available at most home improvement and grocery stores!

There are other components of your HVAC system that need regular cleaning by an HVAC service professional.  Most HVAC service companies offer a very competitive price to clean and service your unit on a regular basis.

Ole South uses two HVAC Vendors for installations in our new homes, and both are among the finest in our area.  Each has a full service department to keep your unit in top shape:

Tennessee Mechanical Corporation and Roscoe Brown.



With cooler weather approaching, now is a great time to inspect your heating system so it is there for you when you really need it!

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