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Benefits of Buying New

May 24, 2018

It’s time to buy a new home! Whether you’re a first time home buyer or you’ve gone through the process before, there are a lot of decisions to make. Location, budget, size, and so many more questions have to be answered. As more homes and communities are being developed, one question to consider is whether you’d like to live in a new and freshly built home or an older home. There are many features that new homes offer that put older ones at a disadvantage. Here’s a few things to consider when at this step in the home buying process.

  • It’s never been lived in before! That feeling of having a clean slate in a home is very appealing. You, as the new homeowner, get to make all of the first memories in a fresh home.
  • A new home offers the opportunity to be part of the of a new community. There are new friends and neighbors who are excited about the area and are looking to bond over your shared experience. Newer developments also offer more amenities that can improve upon the community environment even more, such as community pools, playgrounds, and other shared spaces.
  • Modern and freshly built homes have updated floor plans. This means your new home will have more open spaces, which have become more common in home design. More open space offers more opportunities to entertain guests and really make it feel like home.
  • A new home is exactly what you’re looking for if you helped design it, or at least close to it. There’s far less time and money put into refurbishing and replacing outdated decor. There will also be less maintenance because everything is shiny and new. A new home gets rid of a lot of the headaches an older home can cause.
  • Here’s a small but important feature when you take into account how we live today. Outlets! Old homes weren’t built with the idea that we’d have technology everywhere, and we would need to charge so many devices. New homes take into account the modern technological world we live in and are designed with outlets all over the place.

This isn’t to say that new homes don’t have any negatives. Newer homes are often more expensive than older homes. Also, you’re going to have a hard time finding a lot of new and inexpensive property in heavily populated areas. Most new developments happen further out from cities where land is far cheaper. This causes some inconvenience with increased commuting. However, with all things considered, buying a home new and fresh is a great option. New homes offer a clean slate, young and thriving communities, and all the modern comforts we seek.

If you are ready to invest in a new home, give our sales team a call at 615-219-5644 or stop by one of our model homes to learn more.

"We recently purchased our very first home and could not be more pleased with Ole South Properties and, more specifically, our experience with Alex. Alex completed our warranty and closing day walk through with us and has consistently exceeded our expectations. Since moving in, we have required a few repairs and each time we have reached out to Alex, he and Ole South have acted immediately and with the highest level of professionalism. Being a new homeowner can be overwhelming, but Ole South's pride for their work and Alex's level of care for our family have made us feel beyond grateful that we chose an Ole South property to call home. We love our new home and are so thankful for the entire Ole South team. We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a home!"

Jennifer T