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5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

June 26, 2018

Maybe you missed the spring cleaning boat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start re-organizing your home now. One place in the home that we probably use the most is the kitchen, which should be as efficient and organized as possible for the amount of time spent in it throughout the day. Here are a few easy and low-cost tips to help you organize and love your kitchen space without breaking the bank…

Clean cabinets

Whether your cabinet count is limited or you just want to use the tall cabinet space more efficiently, an idea to consider is purchasing low cost shelves. You can stack plates and bowls without having to constantly move them to reach other ones when you need them.

Dressed up drawers

Most people have a silverware divider either built into their drawers or they purchase one. But other drawers never seem to be held to that standard of organization. No more! You can find custom dividers like this that you can fit to your exact needs. All your drawers, no matter if it’s large cooking utensils or the junk drawer, can have some kind of organization.

Vertical organizers

Stacking pots, pans, and cutting boards in a haphazard mess in cabinets can be terribly annoying. You’re constantly moving them to reach others at the bottom and they never seem to just fit. Think vertical! Consider using a vertical stacking rack (or file organizer you might have laying around) so you can easily grab the handle of the pan you want to use without having to move a bunch of other ones out of the way. Another option is to hang pots and pans on the wall above the stove for an easy to reach solution.

Spiffy spices

Those pesky spices!! Organizing spices in a useful manner can definitely be the bane of your existence. Consider spice tiered stairs to help you see the labels more easily. These drawers may also be helpful a great space saver for your spices.


Pantries can easily turn to disaster over time. They become a place of haphazard cleaning products, snacks, etc. Try hanging a clear, over-the-door organizer (or even a shoe organizer!) to help you easily find items like tin foil, plastic wrap, zip lock bags, or even snacks.

We hope that these ideas get your kitchen in tip-top shape for summer!

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