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Ole South Customer Care Program

Have you ever said to yourself, "What if..."

So have we.

Ole South offers peace of mind for our home buyers long after the sale.  

Home Buyers deserve more than minimum industry standards and state requirements in the warranty of their new home.  Ole South goes over and beyond these requirements with our Premier Warranty Solution.

Prior to taking delivery of your new home, a member of the Customer Care Team will introduce you to all of the systems and components of your new home, and a thorough description of our Premier Warranty Solution.  

Inside the Premier Warranty Solution book is a list of frequently asked questions, answers, and guidelines for troubleshooting.

Our Customer Care Team can be contacted anytime by e-mail, or fax, as we request all communications in writing for your benefit.

Customer Care - another reason why Ole South is Tennessee's #1 and Favorite Home Builder.

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