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Why Rent? Build with Ole South Today!

Categories: Time to Buy | Posted: January 2, 2019

Ole South is Tennessee’s favorite home builder for many reasons. For us, it’s about quality and community. We want to build your dream home in the perfect community for you at an affordable price.

You might have thought there’s no way you can invest in building a new home right now. Well, we’re here to make it easier for you. We have an amazing offer for you through Feb. 28, 2019:

  • $99 deposits
  • $99 closing costs on inventory homes using our preferred lender.
  • No down payment using THDA Great Choice Loan Program through our preferred lender. Eligible for first-time buyers or anyone that has not owned a home in the previous three years. Please be aware that certain restrictions apply.

What do we offer?

Homes priced from the 160s to the 400s available in over 20 Middle Tennessee communities in Davidson County, Rutherford County, Sumner County, and Williamson County. Our homes all have a complete Whirlpool kitchen appliance package,  refrigerator with ice maker, electric range, built in microwave, dishwasher, and a garbage disposal.

It’s finally time to stop renting and start building!

Click here to get started or call us at 615-219-5644 or 615-896-0019 to learn more!

Think New For The New Year: Perks To Buying A New Home

Categories: Time to Buy, TN New Homes | Posted: January 6, 2016

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When it comes to deciding whether to buy a new home verses an older home is always going to fall on your own personal choice. However, we’ve decided we’d start out the new year think new – about housing! There is always a little bit of charm when buying a previously loved home, but there are major perks with buying a new home! Check out the many pros when buying new below:

If you choose to buy new by building new – you can have you home built completely to your desires. You can decide and customize your floor plan, how many rooms you want, how many bathrooms you’ll need, how much storage space will be within your home, etc. The possibilities are endless. You also have the luxury of choosing your flooring, paint colors, window types, and so many other detailed items you don’t get the option to pick from when buying used.

Green Green Green
When buying new the obvious is true – everything within the home is new, which includes appliances. With modern appliances being more and more energy efficient, new home owners are having lower utility bills. Also, with newly-constructed homes, you also have a higher chance of having features, such as, Low-E windows, energy saving water heaters, furnaces, and air conditioning units. All of these save you tons each month and give you a smaller footprint as well.

Fewer Repairs
With new homes, features hold up better compared to older homes because, well they’re new! With older homes there is already wear and tear on the floors, doors, walls, windows, siding, plumping, electric boxes, etc. and can be a pain to replace or repair after just spending a large amount of money on your home. When buying new, you can rest easy knowing those things won’t have to be replaced for a long time.

Less Maintenance
Speaking of not needing to replace features for a time, new homes today are built specifically to minimize maintenance requirements. Many homes are built using composite products instead of wood for exterior trim – where wood can rot or need repainting, using composite products don’t require that kind of maintenance. When buying a home is always smart to look at the long haul. Figuring out a timeline of when things might need to be replaced or repaired will help you determine which home might be best for your budget. Sometimes a great deal on a home today could mean costly repairs within a couple of years – where as you may find a home a bit more costly today, but won’t need to make repairs for many many years down the road.

Another thing to consider when buying a newly built home is a warranty. Many home builders will often agree to take care of any repair work needing to be done on the home for at least a year and in some cases longer. This is absolutely a perk for looking at your long haul budget. Knowing you have that safety net should something go wrong, can be the difference of spending thousands of dollars verses zero.

Fire Safety
Newly constructed homes are now often built with many fire safety features that may not be present in older homes. All newly built homes are required to have hard-wired smoke detectors, which can provide better protection than battery-operated ones. Also, many homes have fire retardant carpeting and alarm systems that immediately alert the fire department if flames are detected. There are also many more features that are pro fire safety from appliances to actual home construction.

Buying a new home verses an older home can seem way more scary, but it really doesn’t have to be. Buying a home is an investment in your life, so when making this decision you have to make sure it fits what your budget and you end-goal. If you are looking to have your new home be one you live in for the rest of your life, buying new may be for you. You won’t have to be concerned with too much in the beginning and you’ll know everything that had gone on within your home from the moment you bought it, which certainly gives you a leg-up from buying old.

Give us a call and we would be more than happy to talk with you some more about buying new and how Ole South can help.  Call us at 615-219-5644 or visit our website at


By: Sarah C. Spadavecchia – January 6, 2016

Home Purchasing Power Hangs in the Balance

Categories: Interest Rates and Financial Information, New Homes for the First-Time Buyer, Time to Buy | Posted: September 3, 2013

HomeMoneyThe past year has brought incredible opportunities to those wishing to purchase a new home! And those that did purchase are happy that average US Home Prices have increased over 12.1% – from June 2012 to June 2013.

Middle Tennessee is no exception to rising home values.  But those that have not purchased a new home do not need to feel like the train has left the station!

Miss The Train

NOW is still a great time to purchase a new home in Middle Tennessee, but continuing to wait is certain to cost you a bit more.  Let’s do the math!


Let’s say that you have determined a $1,400 monthly home payment meets your needs.  This figure includes principal, interest, property taxes, insurance, and mortgage insurance premium.

At current interest rates on a FHA Loan, that $1,400 monthly payment will allow you to purchase a $200,000 home in Middle Tennessee.  (If you use the THDA Great Start Program for first time buyers, the State of Tennessee will even pay your required 3.5% down payment!)

This would be the payment scenario of you purchase today.  But, things change.  Costs can increase.  Interest Rates can go up.


Let’s assume interest rates go up 1% over the next year.  You still cannot go over $1,400 for a monthly payment.  You are now looking at $185,000 homes instead of $200,000.

Now, let’s assume that home prices continue to rise at the same rate as the past year, 12.1%.  The $200,000 home you can buy now would be approximately $224,000 by waiting, over $160 per month more if interest rates stay the same!

Let’s go one step further and assume both happen – prices rise 12.1% AND interest rates rise by 1%.  The monthly payment on the $200,000 home that meets your needs TODAY could be $1,700 per month if you continue to wait.



There is never a bad time to purchase a new home that you can afford.  However, certain times are better than others.  NOW is one of those times!


You will find new Ole South homes all over Middle Tennessee in Nashville, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Spring Hill, Gallatin, and Clarksville.  Visit to learn more!




Where will you be when the rent goes up?

Categories: Ole South Neighborhoods, Renting vs Buying, Time to Buy | Posted: January 21, 2013

NOW really is a great time to buy a new Ole South home.


Actually, there is never a bad time to purchase a new home – but there are certain times that are better than others – and NOW is one of those times!

Rents rose consistenly in Middle Tennessee throughout 2012 and are still rising in 2013. Many places even have a waiting list!


Get out to an Ole South new home neighborhood soon and explore just how easy owning a brand new home can be. We have zero-down options for first-time buyers and interest rates are the lowest they have been in years. Plus, you won’t have to leave your car out in the rain any more!

We have new homes all over Middle Tennessee – Nashville, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, Gallatin, and Clarksville. For more information, call 615.219.5644 anytime, or visit our website!

In the meantime, enjoy this cool little song!


New Homes for the New Year!

Categories: Interest Rates and Financial Information, Nashville New Homes, New Homes For Growing Families, New Homes for the First-Time Buyer, New Homes for those downsizing, New Homes For Veterans, Ole South Neighborhoods, Time to Buy | Posted: January 2, 2013

Thanks to many savvy Tennessee homebuyers, Ole South showed a 22.34% increase in 2012 closed sales over 2011! That means 356 new homebuyers joined the growing list of satisfied Ole South home owners all over Middle Tennessee!


We start off 2013 with over 150 available inventory homes under construction.


And we have brand new homes for most very need:

New Homes for the First-Time Buyer – You’ll find brand new homes all over middle Tennessee built just for you. Why pay rent any longer with today’s interest rates and programs for first-time buyers?

New homes for Growing Families – you will find Ole South neighborhoods in many desirable locations throughout middle Tennessee, and there is certain to be a floor plan to meet the needs of your growing family.

New Homes for those Downsizing – you don’t have to compromise when you downsize! Our award winning floor plans can maximize your space, while offering you a simpler life style.

New Homes for Veterans – you can have it all, and more in your brand new Ole South home. Our preferred lenders offer zero-down financing, and other attractive programs for Veterans.

WE HAVE A BRAND NEW HOME JUST FOR YOU! Call our Online Sales Specialist at 615.219.5644 for information anytime, or visit our website

new home for you<

The Ole South Blog: Even More Great News for First Time Buyers!

Categories: Interest Rates and Financial Information, Nashville New Homes, New Homes for the First-Time Buyer, New Homes For Veterans, Time to Buy | Posted: July 17, 2012

If you are still renting, the great folks at THDA just made owning a new home even more affordable.   A quick refresher:  If you have not owned a principal residence in the past three years, you can be considered a “first-time buyer.”  The State of Tennessee loves “first time buyers’ so much that they will grant the necessary FHA required downpayment to you under THDA’s Great Start downpayment program.

If you are looking to purchase in Maury County, the first time buyer requirement is waived!  We’ve got great neighborhoods there to choose from in Spring Hill….Meadowbrook, Cobblestone, and coming soon Royalton Woods.

That’s right…. THDA will give you 4% to use toward your downpayment or closing cost.  This FHA loan has a fixed interest rate of 4.2% for 30-years.  (Don’t forget, Ole South will pay your closing costs when using First Community Mortgage for your financing needs.)

If you don’t need 4%, but could use some extra help with your downpayment, consider THDA’s Great Advantage Program, where you will receive a grant of 2% of the sales price to use for down-payment or closing costs.

And if you have already saved enough for your 3.5% FHA downpayment, but have other issues relating to debt ratio, consider the THDA Great Rate Program, currently at 3.6% fixed interest rate.

And it gets even better if you are a veteran, or active duty military!  Take any of the above programs and deduct 1/2% from the published rate!  That program is called “Homeownership for the Brave.”

For more information on these, and other great loan programs, please contact Chris Meagher ( or David Prince at First Community Mortgage.   You can call Chris direct at 615.504.5976 or David at 615.351.7908.

New home inventory in Middle Tennessee is declining rapidly, but we at Ole South continue to build more…and we’ve probably got a new home that will meet your every need somewhere in Middle Tennessee.  Visit our website,, for the location nearest you!

See, you still can buy a new home with little to no cash out of pocket.  Instead of buying a home for your landlord, buy one for yourself instead!



The Ole South Blog: Home Buying Made Simple.

Categories: Happy Homebuyer Testimonials, Interest Rates and Financial Information, Time to Buy | Posted: May 8, 2012

The hammers are swinging!  We’re proud that many of those swinging hammers are building new Ole South homes all over Middle Tennessee.

It takes a lot more than hammers to build the best new home values around.  It takes a lot of dedicated and knowledgeable people.  Our office staff, production staff, and sales staff share one common goal… to make you happy in your new Ole South home.

Whether your new home is in Nashville, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Spring Hill, Gallatin, or Clarksville, you can be assured that your new home is the best value around.

And if you used First Community Mortgage for your new home financing needs, you can be assured you received an even better value!  Chris Meagher (615.504.5976) and David Prince (615.351.7908) work seamlessly with our staff to make certain the mortgage process is smooth and simple too.

First Community Mortgage is the preferred lender for all Ole South neighborhoods.  Use them and Ole South will pay ALL of your closing costs on FHA and VA loans, and 3% on conventional loans.  We’ll even pay the title insurance policy should you close with Tri Star Title and Escrow.

 WHY?  Because we like everything to go smoothly.  It is worth the extra cost to us (and certainly worth the savings to you) to have a timely closing without surprises.  When First Community approves a loan, it closes…and it closes on time!

WHY NOT?  Give Chris or David a call and find out just how affordable owning a new Ole South home can be.   Whether you need “Zero-Down” financing, or prefer conventional without monthly mortgage insurance premiums, First Community offers a loan that is right for you.

Tamatha called Chris and is now living in a new Ole South home.  Everyone’s happy…except her former landlord!


Visit us today and discover why thousands of Tennesseans are proud to say:

The Ole South Blog: OPEN HOUSE WEEKENDS – Get out there and LOOK!

Categories: Nashville New Homes, Ole South Neighborhoods, Time to Buy | Posted: April 17, 2012

Now that everyone agrees that Spring is here, why not get out and enjoy it!   

April 28 & 29, 2012 is deisgnated as “NATIONWIDE OPEN HOUSE WEEKEND!”   Click Here for the full story.

Middle Tennessee is going one step further…. We’re displaying the very best new home listings for OPEN HOUSES for TWO weekends!  April 21 & 22, and April 28 &29, 2012!  CLICK HERE for more details.

“Open House Weekends” in Middle Tennessee are sponsored by the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors (GNAR), The Tennessean, The Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee (HBAMT), and many of the finest builders, developers and mortgage lenders that our area has to offer.

Every Ole South neighborhood will be open for this event, and many of our available homes throughout Middle Tennessee will be feature listings!  Every featured listing you visit gives you a chance to win one of two $500 drawings!

So why not visit one, or all, of our Middle Tennessee locations?  Enjoy a fresh-baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookie, quench your thirst with a cold beverage and discover the new life that awaits you in a new Ole South home!

 It is important to know that every weekend is an “OPEN HOUSE WEEKEND” at Ole South.   The next two weekends will just make it easier for you to compare… and even win a prize!









The Ole South Blog: A great time to get off of the fence!

Categories: Interest Rates and Financial Information, Time to Buy | Posted: March 7, 2012

Everyone has been saying it will happen.  And it is true. 

The cost of owning a home will one day go up.  For now, that day is April 9, 2012, when Federal Mortgage Insurance Premiums will increase on all FHA loans.

Mortgage Insurance Premiums on FHA Loans will increase on all loan files submitted on or after April 9, 2012.

This does not signify the end of the world.  But is does present an opportunity to save money on a monthly mortgage payment.  To take advantage of the savings, you need to act quickly.  You need to get off of the fence!


After April 9, 2012, those still sitting on the fence will pay more each month when they do decidee to purchase a home.


Just how much an increase are we talking about?

Without reciting all of the formulas compliled by the folks with beards, it all boils down to an approximate increase of 27 cents per thousand dollars in purchase price on an FHA loan.  In other words, a mortgage payment on a $150,000 home will increase approximately $40 per month.

You can avoid the increase if you act quickly!

Simply get off the fence and find the new home that meets your needs!  Get under contract and have your loan submitted before the April 9th deadline.  Once FHA assigns your loan a “case number” or file number, you will be charged the current insurance premium amounts.  You DO NOT have to close the transaction before the April deadline!

But I haven’t saved up enough for a down-payment yet…..

FHA loans do require a 3.5% down payment AT CLOSING, but there are programs that will pay your downpayment up to $11,000 on a $275,000 home!   A minimal deposit will secure your new home with Ole South, and we have new homes all over Middle Tennessee to choose from.

Why not start with a visit to our website,  See first hand why thousands of Tennesseans are proud to say:

The Ole South Blog: Are you still renting?

Categories: Interest Rates and Financial Information, New Homes for the First-Time Buyer, Renting vs Buying, Time to Buy | Posted: February 16, 2012

Have you ever thought of your home as a piggy bank?

If you are renting, the piggy bank belongs to your landlord.  And unlike owning a new home, the landlord can scream for more every year!

Rental rates are already on the rise in the Greater Nashville area, and the choices are getting fewer.  Read more:


Home mortgage interest rates are lower than they have ever been, even lower than one year ago!  Read more about that too:

So again, WHY are you STILL RENTING?

We hear it all the time…. “I am going to rent until I can save enough money for a down payment on a home.”  That is a very good plan…. IF you are actually doing that.  The good folks at Tennessee Housing Development Agency have another plan you may wish to consider….

Let THEM pay your downpayment for you! 

So many people have not a clue as to how the THDA Great Start program works.   Check into it. 

In most areas of Middle Tennessee, you could purchase a new home up to $275,000!  (Ole South offers a great selection of all brick homes below this price too…even in Williamson County!)

There are income limits for eligibility, but they are higher than you might think.  A 1-2 person household can make up to $79,440.  Three or more person households can make up to $92,680 and still be eligible.  Click here to determine the limits for your county.

So, WHY are you STILL RENTING?  Visit Ole South TODAY!

From the 80’s to the 300’s, you’ll find a brand new home to meet your every need!