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How to Stay Cool in this Tennessee Heat

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: July 19, 2017

Tennessee heating up? Here’s how to stay cool

When the temperature starts creeping up to 100 and the humidity makes your clothes stick to you, you know it’s summer in Tennessee. We’ve got some ideas for how you can keep cool this summer.  Tip #1: Make sure your AC works! But seriously, grab your friends and family and complete the checklist below before summer ends!

Trying to keep the kids cool and occupied but don’t want to spend a million dollars? Head to the store for a big tarp (or two) and some soap and you’ve got yourself a homemade slip n’ slide! You’re sure to be the hit of the neighborhood once all the kids (and adults!) start clamoring for a turn to slide and cool down.

Nerd out at the Adventure Science Center. Check out the new exhibits and relax in the cool under the stars in the planetarium.

Invite friends or families over for a Movie Day or Game Night! There’s bound to be some days that are just way too hot to spend time outside, so why not gather people together for some movie-binging or good ol’ friendly competition.

Make your own ICE COLD popsicles. Enough said.

Spend a fun day or weekend at a water park! Check out Wave Country or Nashville Shores Water Park.

Try this hilarious game with friends or family members. The Frozen T-Shirt Contest! Before the contest, prepare a T-shirt for each participant by soaking it with water, wringing it out, and folding it. Placing waxed paper between each one, stack the folded shirts on a baking sheet and freeze them. When they’re stiff, hand them out to the players. The first person to get into their frozen tee wins.

No Shade, no problem. Create a canopy in your backyard to keep you cool!

Many of us aren’t real people in the morning unless we’ve our our coffee. Cool down your morning joe with these iced coffee cubes.

Whether you choose any combination of indoor or outdoors ideas, these ideas are sure to help you stay cool this summer (and of course, don’t forget to drink water and wear sunscreen!)


Happy Summer from Ole South!


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