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Categories: Trending | Posted: July 11, 2016

The bedroom is always full of secrets and whispers, but we wanted to know exactly what a trendy bed looks like to share all these secrets on. So we sniffed around and found out the one biggest bedding trend for 2016!

We discovered that overly dressed beds with puffy duvet covers were out! Now homeowners and designers are going with a more tailored approach to their bedding look. One of the most consistent themes we now see is the trend to tuck the bedding around the mattress and into the bed frame (so nothing hangs over the edge).

Beautiful and modern home and hotel bedroom interior design.

Using a coverlet with texture helps maintain interest and visual appeal within this new tailored trend. Adding a patterned throw blanket along the foot of the bed helps break up any solid colors chosen for the coverlet and brings warmth to the design. For example; if you have white bedding, you can make it interesting by wrapping the bottom part of the mattress with a different colored fabric, then accent with throw pillows that coordinate with the wall color to tie the room together.

Many examples of this new trend will show a more modern styled room, however it has been easily incorporated into traditionally designed rooms as well. You can still mix and match colors and themes to best fit your style. If you like the look of this trend, but aren’t ready to give up your duvet just yet, you can always swap it out with a low-loft comforter for a sleeker look.

This trend is showing up a lot in hotel rooms across the world. It is said this is a low-maintenance bedding design – without the frills and puffy duvets, keeping up on this trend is easier than ever. Plus, it will make your room look more put-together than it probably is!


By: Sarah C. Spadavecchia – July 7, 2016


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