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Categories: Local Education, Nashville Area Information, Ole South Neighborhoods | Posted: May 30, 2013

Ole South partnered with Cane Ridge High School when it first opened its doors and is very proud of how the school has grown into a model that is recognized nationwide.

Just this month, NCAC accredited the Cane Ridge High School Academy of Architecture and Construction as a Model Academy!  Ole South has been active on the Advisory Board of Cane Ridge’s Academy of Architecture and Construction and is honored to serve with many other business partners that made this accreditation possible.

The Career Academy concept is new to Nashville and is being recognized all over the country.  In this system, a student chooses a career path to follow.  Along this pathway, numerous courses are taught that are also valid as college credits when the student moves forward in their studies.

Each Spring, the freshman academy tours an Ole South job site, where they can see all of the trades and skills used in residential building.  They view homes in every stage of construction and identify the many employment opportunities available with the many different components and services used as well.



On this particular jobsite, the students met a former program graduate, Mario, who is employed as a lead electrician.  It was great for the students to see the prgram working first hand!


Another great part of the Academy of Architecture and Construction, is the ACE Mentor Program, which is the program in the nation where ACE is an actual class offered during school.  Students can join this group and participate in many construction and design projects, along with job shadow experiences.

One of the many projects this year was to design and build a storage building for a customer.  The students competed against each other in design, and then built the building with the assistance of business mentors.  Many materials were donated and the proceeds from the sale of this building will go back to the school to fund future projects.



Construction to complete this shed project is still ongoing at present.  This project provided the students and mentors a great experience working together.  Ole South is proud to participate and looks forward to our continued involvement with education in our communities.




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