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5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Categories: Helpful Hints | Posted: June 26, 2018

Maybe you missed the spring cleaning boat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start re-organizing your home now. One place in the home that we probably use the most is the kitchen, which should be as efficient and organized as possible for the amount of time spent in it throughout the day. Here are a few easy and low-cost tips to help you organize and love your kitchen space without breaking the bank…

Clean cabinets

Whether your cabinet count is limited or you just want to use the tall cabinet space more efficiently, an idea to consider is purchasing low cost shelves. You can stack plates and bowls without having to constantly move them to reach other ones when you need them.

Dressed up drawers

Most people have a silverware divider either built into their drawers or they purchase one. But other drawers never seem to be held to that standard of organization. No more! You can find custom dividers like this that you can fit to your exact needs. All your drawers, no matter if it’s large cooking utensils or the junk drawer, can have some kind of organization.

Vertical organizers

Stacking pots, pans, and cutting boards in a haphazard mess in cabinets can be terribly annoying. You’re constantly moving them to reach others at the bottom and they never seem to just fit. Think vertical! Consider using a vertical stacking rack (or file organizer you might have laying around) so you can easily grab the handle of the pan you want to use without having to move a bunch of other ones out of the way. Another option is to hang pots and pans on the wall above the stove for an easy to reach solution.

Spiffy spices

Those pesky spices!! Organizing spices in a useful manner can definitely be the bane of your existence. Consider spice tiered stairs to help you see the labels more easily. These drawers may also be helpful a great space saver for your spices.


Pantries can easily turn to disaster over time. They become a place of haphazard cleaning products, snacks, etc. Try hanging a clear, over-the-door organizer (or even a shoe organizer!) to help you easily find items like tin foil, plastic wrap, zip lock bags, or even snacks.

We hope that these ideas get your kitchen in tip-top shape for summer!

Benefits of Buying New

Categories: TN New Homes | Posted: May 24, 2018

It’s time to buy a new home! Whether you’re a first time home buyer or you’ve gone through the process before, there are a lot of decisions to make. Location, budget, size, and so many more questions have to be answered. As more homes and communities are being developed, one question to consider is whether you’d like to live in a new and freshly built home or an older home. There are many features that new homes offer that put older ones at a disadvantage. Here’s a few things to consider when at this step in the home buying process.

  • It’s never been lived in before! That feeling of having a clean slate in a home is very appealing. You, as the new homeowner, get to make all of the first memories in a fresh home.
  • A new home offers the opportunity to be part of the of a new community. There are new friends and neighbors who are excited about the area and are looking to bond over your shared experience. Newer developments also offer more amenities that can improve upon the community environment even more, such as community pools, playgrounds, and other shared spaces.
  • Modern and freshly built homes have updated floor plans. This means your new home will have more open spaces, which have become more common in home design. More open space offers more opportunities to entertain guests and really make it feel like home.
  • A new home is exactly what you’re looking for if you helped design it, or at least close to it. There’s far less time and money put into refurbishing and replacing outdated decor. There will also be less maintenance because everything is shiny and new. A new home gets rid of a lot of the headaches an older home can cause.
  • Here’s a small but important feature when you take into account how we live today. Outlets! Old homes weren’t built with the idea that we’d have technology everywhere, and we would need to charge so many devices. New homes take into account the modern technological world we live in and are designed with outlets all over the place.


This isn’t to say that new homes don’t have any negatives. Newer homes are often more expensive than older homes. Also, you’re going to have a hard time finding a lot of new and inexpensive property in heavily populated areas. Most new developments happen further out from cities where land is far cheaper. This causes some inconvenience with increased commuting. However, with all things considered, buying a home new and fresh is a great option. New homes offer a clean slate, young and thriving communities, and all the modern comforts we seek.

If you are ready to invest in a new home, give our sales team a call at 615-219-5644 or stop by one of our model homes to learn more.

Master Bedroom Must-Haves

Categories: Helpful Hints | Posted: April 26, 2018

You finally got the master bedroom of your dreams. It’s going to be your oasis. Now what do you do with it? Here are some must-have ideas for your master bedroom space.

Invest in comfort

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to invest in a high quality mattress and linens. Whether you spring for that king-size (or even California king!) or stick with a queen size mattress, this is the time to finally splurge a little for the extra comfort. There is nothing better than new linens, too! Your body will thank you for it later!


This might be silly, but don’t forget to arrange your master bedroom strategically around the outlets. You hate to purchase furniture and have everything set up perfectly only to realize the only outlets for your lamps or cell phones are in an inconvenient location. Take a moment to plan for this.


The experts recommend more neutral colors and decor for the bedroom to incite relaxation and encourage the best possible sleep. Plus, if it’s a huge space, it’s easier to decorate when you have a simple color scheme.

Dual Space

Though you want to be careful not to clutter your bedroom too much, it’s worth considering transforming your master bedroom into a dual space. You could add a small loveseat or comfy chair to a corner to create a mini sitting area: perfect for reading or relaxing. Some people may be interested in creating a small workspace or desk within the bedroom. That might not be ideal for everyone, but it instills the same idea of using the master bedroom as a dual space. An upholstered bench on the end of the bed is also something we love!

Shelving and Storage

Whether you purchase a piece of stand alone furniture or it’s affixed to the wall, shelving is a must-have in your master bedroom. Line the shelves with books or if you have an e-reader preference, fill the shelves with photographs, candles, and other small items will give your space a personalized touch. If you don’t have a big closet for storage, consider multi-functional pieces of furniture, like storage built into the bed frame or hollowed ottomans.

Natural Light

Wake up with the sun in your new master bedroom. Great windows and lighting are a must-have for your space. Natural light is great for your health and helps establish an easy morning routine. Look for master bedrooms that have well-placed windows, and a great view is a plus.


These are just a few must-haves for your new master bedroom. The space should reflect your own style and bring you maximum joy and relaxation.

New Year, New Home!

Categories: Ole South Neighborhoods, TN New Homes | Posted: January 5, 2018

Happy New Year! We’re all familiar with lifestyle resolutions people make when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st.  What’s your biggest goal? Are you setting one to buy a new home in 2018? It’s a daunting task, but we’ve been in the business for decades. We want to help you find your dream home in one of our communities!


Who are we?

We are Tennessee’s largest homebuilder, serving the convenient Tennessee locations of Nashville, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Fairview, and Spring Hill, close to major highways, neighborhood schools, recreation areas, and shopping. Since our founding in 1986, we have been helping families big and small find the homes that fit them best. Whether that’s a low-maintenance townhome or traditional 3, 4, or 5 bedroom home, we make it happen with beautiful, high quality, energy efficient homes. We are proud to be in the top 100 homebuilders in the nation by Builder Magazine.


Why should you partner with us?

Because we care! You’ve heard every good salesperson say it, but did they really mean it? Not only will we help you land the quality home of your dreams, Ole South also truly cares about the middle Tennessee community where we build. With the creation of the John Floyd Charitable Foundation, more than $1 million in financial, material and labor support has been given to various organizations throughout Middle Tennessee. We are engaged in the local community and help build interest and resources for building vocational programs. We #GiveWithOleSouth all year round through volunteering and food drives. We’re here to better the whole community.  


In the spotlight: Ole South South Haven Community

Just an idea to get you started (and excited!).  Our South Haven Community is located along State Route 840, perfect for commuters, in the highly acclaimed Stewarts Creek school district. Tucked away in a perfectly secluded setting just minutes from everything that Franklin, Murfreesboro, and Smyrna has to offer, these 3, 4, and 5 bedroom homes are high quality with unmatched features.


On the exterior, you will find brick or stone per plan, concrete patio, driveway, and sidewalk, landscape package, raised panel steel garage doors with glass, and more. The inside boasts engineered flooring in foyer, kitchen, breakfast area, and dining room/study per plan, stain resistant carpeting, crown molding (1-pc) in three rooms, wood spindled stair rails and overlook railings, brushed nickel hardware, utility room with washer and dryer connections (per plan), pull-down attic stairs, kitchen appliance package (smooth-surface electric range, side-by-side refrigerator with icemaker, dishwasher, built in microwave), and more.


Still not sure where to start? Give us a call today at 615-219-5644. You can also check out our blog for a checklist for new homebuyers and our quick and easy home buying process.


We look forward to partnering with you in 2018!

Celebrate + Give Back

Categories: Holidays | Posted: November 22, 2017

The smell of spices wafts through the air, silverware and glasses clang enthusiastically, voices chatter, faces smile and stomach no longer growl. Thanksgiving is here! How will you celebrate the holiday this year?

Be prepared. Decorate your home and set the tables ahead of time. Prepare as much of the food the day before as you can to help alleviate some of the stress. It’s supposed to be a joyful day!

The recipes. Whether you’re working from a list of passed down family recipes, your latest favorite cookbook or even some new Pinterest ideas, everyone knows the food makes the day. Mix it up with healthy options and guilty pleasures to keep everyone happy.

Activities. Bring out the games and/or crafts to entertain the kids (and adults!). After exhausting the table conversation, break out one of the latest group games to stir up the laughs and a little competition.

Many people want to give back while they’re celebrating giving thanks. Think about the gifts you take advantage of everyday: how can you share that gratitude? Some activities are great for kids and adults alike. Need a few ideas to get started?

  • The ever popular – volunteering at a kitchen to pass out food and warmth to those who need it most (check out the Hands On Nashville calendar, the Nashville Food Project, or other local organizations to see how you and your family can get involved). Oftentimes the organizations get overloaded with volunteers on Thanksgiving (not a bad problem to have!), so you may want to consider picking the day before or after.
  • Host a food drive for perishable items or a clothing/coat drive and drop it off at a local shelter or church
  • Create care packages for homeless families or adults in need. Consider filling bags with basic toiletries, warm socks, snacks, etc.
  • Sign up with Meals on Wheels to deliver prepared meals to elderly adults who cannot prepare food due to health or physical limitations.
  • Make care packages to send to the troops, who may not have a chance to be home with their families for the holidays. (hint: great opportunity for the kids to write some nice letters to go with the packages!)

If you don’t have time this holiday season to volunteer, host a food drive, or build your own care packages, you can always #GiveWithOleSouth. The next time you are at the grocery store pick up a couple of extra canned food items or you can even write a check to Second Harvest and drop them off at one of our model homes listed below.

  •  South Haven – Murfreesboro
  • Evergreen Farms – Murfreesboro
  • Puckett Station – Murfreesboro
  • Old Hickory Commons – Nashville
  • Vista at Whites Creek – Nashville
  • Western Woods – Fairview
  • Meadowbrook – Spring Hill

However you celebrate, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Checklist for First-Time Homebuyers

Categories: First Time Home Buying | Posted: October 23, 2017

Purchasing your first home is a big deal. Knowing all the right steps doesn’t have to be! Today we are helping you navigate the home buying experience by offering a checklist for first-time homeowners.

  1. Know Your Limit
    After calculating your debt to income ratio, utilize an affordability calculator and check your credit score. These numbers will help you accurately decide on an appropriate down payment, and budget. According to Fannie May, it is recommended to spend no more than 28% of income on housing.
  2. Get Pre-Approved
    When shopping for your first home, get pre-approved for a mortgage. A pre-approval will review your assets and debt, income, and credit score and offer an estimate on how much you can be approved for. Pre-approvals expire after 90 days, so be sure to plan your timeline accordingly.
  3. Create a Wish List
    Creating your home wish list will help you begin to narrow down the seemingly endless list of options available. Choose your location, home type (townhome or single family home), size, price range, and list of must-haves. Your wish list will help you choose the best home as a first-time homebuyer.
  4. Find the Best Partner
    Partnering with a trusted real estate agent and a quality builder ensures your homebuying process will be smooth from start to finish. Seek out referrals, and choose a builder backed by integrity. As Tennessee’s #1 builder, we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of quality move-in ready homes across Middle Tennessee. All Ole South homes are designed to be energy efficient in voluntary compliance with TVA’s Energy Right® program guidelines, which provides a taste of our enduring commitment to quality.
  5. Make an Offer
    After determining the purchase price of your ideal home, list out all of your special requests to the seller along with any contingencies you may have. Define your move in date, and have the agreement drawn up. Sign your Purchase and Sale Agreement, and prepare to move into your first home.

Whether you are moving into your first townhome or traditional home, you are taking an exciting step. We hope you allow Ole South homes to be the first to congratulate on these next steps, and wish you luck in the first-time home buying journey!

Avoiding Clutter in Your New Home

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: October 2, 2017

A new home means a new opportunity to start fresh. Avoid clutter from day 1, and keep your home feeling brand new. Today we are exploring 3 tips and tricks to avoid clutter in your new Middle Tennessee home.

1. Keep it Clean
Take the time to purge! Moving into a new home offers the prime opportunity to start fresh. Ask yourself “when is the last time I used ‘x’ item?” If you can’t remember, take it as a sign to part ways. Make a habit of donating on a regular basis, and limit yourself to the number of “holiday shopping trips” you take.

2. Create a Space for Everything
Organization is the key to a clutter free home. Take the extra time to find a space for each item. Label, color coordinate, and store like items together. Start with one room at a time, and find a system that works for you. In need of a few ideas? We have you covered:

• Living Room: Keep flat surfaces clutter free, organize your abundance of electronic cords, and take advantage of the extra space behind your sofa!

• Kitchen: Organize your kitchen by like items. Arrange your cabinets by category – utensils, coffee/tea, food prep, etc. Create a cohesive look by using clear containers, such as glass jars for all of your pantry items.

• Bathrooms: Use storage bins to separate toiletries, towels, and medicine. Organize makeup in an acrylic storage container. If you are tight on space, utilize the additional space above your toilet for a storage cabinet.

• Bedrooms: Purchase draw dividers and closet organization items. Create a place for each item in your bedroom, and be sure to tidy up each morning or evening.

3. Go Green
Going green is a great way to live eco-friendly, and reduce the clutter in your home. Switch to a paper-free home – think paperless bills, Google Calendar, and Todoist. Scan in all of your paper documents, and store on an external drive. Software such as Evernote, which allows you to capture, organize, and share your documents. Be sure to store essential paper documents in a labeled file cabinet or storage containers in an easy to find location.

Keeping your home clutter free is as easy as 1-2-3. Spend less time cleaning, and more time enjoying your new, clutter free home.

How to Stay Cool in this Tennessee Heat

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: July 19, 2017

Tennessee heating up? Here’s how to stay cool

When the temperature starts creeping up to 100 and the humidity makes your clothes stick to you, you know it’s summer in Tennessee. We’ve got some ideas for how you can keep cool this summer.  Tip #1: Make sure your AC works! But seriously, grab your friends and family and complete the checklist below before summer ends!

Trying to keep the kids cool and occupied but don’t want to spend a million dollars? Head to the store for a big tarp (or two) and some soap and you’ve got yourself a homemade slip n’ slide! You’re sure to be the hit of the neighborhood once all the kids (and adults!) start clamoring for a turn to slide and cool down.

Nerd out at the Adventure Science Center. Check out the new exhibits and relax in the cool under the stars in the planetarium.

Invite friends or families over for a Movie Day or Game Night! There’s bound to be some days that are just way too hot to spend time outside, so why not gather people together for some movie-binging or good ol’ friendly competition.

Make your own ICE COLD popsicles. Enough said.

Spend a fun day or weekend at a water park! Check out Wave Country or Nashville Shores Water Park.

Try this hilarious game with friends or family members. The Frozen T-Shirt Contest! Before the contest, prepare a T-shirt for each participant by soaking it with water, wringing it out, and folding it. Placing waxed paper between each one, stack the folded shirts on a baking sheet and freeze them. When they’re stiff, hand them out to the players. The first person to get into their frozen tee wins.

No Shade, no problem. Create a canopy in your backyard to keep you cool!

Many of us aren’t real people in the morning unless we’ve our our coffee. Cool down your morning joe with these iced coffee cubes.

Whether you choose any combination of indoor or outdoors ideas, these ideas are sure to help you stay cool this summer (and of course, don’t forget to drink water and wear sunscreen!)


Happy Summer from Ole South!

Connecting With New Neighbors

Categories: Helpful Hints | Posted: June 7, 2017

You just moved into a new neighborhood and you are in your dream home. The last box is finally unpacked. What’s next – connecting with new neighbors! We understand that moving is a big change, so we are sharing 5 secrets to making new friends in the neighborhood.

Say “Hello”

It can be difficult to feel like the new kid on the block. Start by spending time in your yard, or walking your dog. As simple as it seems, saying “hello” can make a world of a difference when making new connections.

Host a Housewarming Party

Whether you know 1 or 100 people, host a housewarming party. Inviting neighbors over for a casual get together is a wonderful way to create lifelong friends. Host a backyard BBQ or bring out drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Here in Middle Tennessee, we call this southern hospitality at its finest!

Join Your HOA

If your new neighborhood has a Homeowners Association, consider joining. As a member, you can meet other residents, assist in shaping the future of your community, and make new friends in the process.

Make Community Connections

Joining a social group is one of the best ways to make new connections in your community. A variety of websites and apps exist to create the connections you need. Meet Up allows you to find or create a meetup to match people with their interests! Also, check in through Next Door. This app will help you connect with neighbors and stay in the know with what is going on in your community and those around you.


To make the most out of your new experience, give back your time and talents. Volunteer Match provides volunteers with local opportunities. Connecting with a local nonprofit such as the Humane Society or Big Brothers Big Sisters of America will help connect you with others that share similar passions.


Make the most out of your new community. Enjoy the next chapter of your life, and make new connections today!

Trending: Outdoor Patio and Kitchens

Categories: Helpful Hints, Trending | Posted: May 25, 2017

You have seen them pictured all over the most popular home magazines, posted all over social media and advertised in all your major home improvement stores nationwide. The latest trend for your home is: amazing outdoor patios and kitchens.

In the past, large patios and outdoor kitchens were found outside larger, higher end homes, but now there are more affordable options for everyone to choose from. The great thing is the homeowner can personalize the space however they like!

When designing your outdoor space, consider having room for prep, cooking, and serving. This will keep you and your guests from having to go in and out of the house to get something. Rather, you can install an entire outdoor kitchen complete with granite countertops or simply create a grill built in with brick counters. This will allow you to be outside and socialize more with your family and friends. TIP: When picking out materials for your outdoor kitchen, make sure they are weather resistant.

Now that you have added your workspace, do you want to add more amenities? Some outdoor kitchens go as far as under the counter refrigerators, wine chillers and sinks. While refrigerators or wine chillers may be out of your budget, do consider the sink. By adding a sink, you can avoid running in to the house every time you need to clean something or to retrieve water. Are you someone who likes making your own pizza? Why not build your very own brick pizza oven? One good thing about a pizza oven is you can use it for more than just pizza. You can brick fire almost any food and it lends a distinct flavor that will have your friends and family raving at your next cook out.

Now that you have your workspace and your extra amenities, think about whether or not you want to upgrade your grill. Maybe consider a grill that does it all. Gone are the days where a grill simply grills. You can now have a grill that comes with a rotisserie, side burners, griddles and more! The options are almost endless.

Once you have your workspace and appliances laid out, think about coverage? Yes the counters you are purchasing are weather resistant, but how much rain does the state of Tennessee get in the spring? Consider adding a permanent covering to protect, preserve and extend the lifespan of your counters and appliances. When adding a permanent covering, you can also add recessed light, ceiling fan, and a TV!

Whether you choose a high end outdoor kitchen and patio makeover or something on a smaller, do-it-yourself scale, you can enjoy the outdoors even more with an outdoor kitchen and patio.